Precision Variable Optical Attenuator Programmable Array System

  • Net-ready
  • Precision Feedback Control
  • SM/MM
  • Broadband
  • Power Tap Control
  • Very Low Loss
  • Highly Repeatable
  • High Speed
  • High Resolution
  • Large Attenuation

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The VOA Array Rack System is highly versatile that is cable of meeting performance requirements for all application scenarios.  The system intergrades power minoring taps to provide high precision output laser power control. By using three types of Photonwares VOAs of standard MEMS, 100ns NanoSpeedTM, and Fiber-FiberTM Mini-motor, it uniquely offers high speed laser power stabilization function that eliminates fluctuations and surge as well as latching function that preserves the output level when electrical power is removed. Moreover, it has ultra-broadband covering from 200 to 2500nm, ultra-low insertion loss of less than 0.2dB, ultra-high setting precision, high optical power handling up to 1W, and latching function. It is available with all types of fibers with a 125 micron outer diameter. The system is a modular plug-in design that accommodates any number of channels in a single system with various corresponding rack heights. 1U is the minimum height (shown in photo below). The same system can further integrate amplifiers and protection switches. The standard control interfaces include Ethernet with documented CLI and Instrumentation Standard Based (SCPI, TL1). USB and RS232 are available options. GUI is typically included.


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