Variable Optical Attenuators

Photonwares offers the largest selection of variable optical attenuators with multiple technologies for a wide range of application scenarios. We are a leading volume manufacturer of fiber optical attenuators providing industrial leading performances and values. Our VOAs are all Telcordia standard GR1221 qualified. Photonwares provides customized designs as well as module integration with full function and control.

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  • MEMS Free Space VOAs

    MEMS Free Space VOAs (8)

    (large motion, low optical loss, low cost)
    The etMEMS™ series free space VOA is based on a proprietary patent pending micro-electro-mechanical mechanism featuring exceptionally large shutter movement and high reliability. The etMEMS™ series free space VOA is designed to completely block a collimated light beam over 500 mm in diameter and be operated in air without the need for hermetic seal and is fully compliant with the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability standards. The device is ideally suited to be integrated into laser systems. Its control is conveniently applying a voltage. Temperature compensated chip is an option.
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  • MEMS Variable Optic Attenuators (VOAs)

    MEMS Variable Optic Attenuators (VOAs) (11)

    (low optical loss, low cost, broad operating wavelength)
    Single-crystal silicon is an ideal material for miniature mechanical devices. Silicon is inexpensive and has virtually no hysteresis and hence almost no energy dissipation, as well as little fatigue to ensure service lifetimes over trillions of flexing cycles without breaking. The lightweight and thin format enables optic devices with improved vibration resistance and compactness. Based on proprietary Si micro-machined VOA chips, Photonwares' MEMS Electrical Fiber Optic Attenuator family features industrial leading performance in low insertion loss, low WDL/PDL, and low cost. The MM VOAs are conveniently controllable by directly applying a voltage. The MM VOA series is in full compliance with the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability standards. We offer a wide range of configurations covering singel mode, multimode, polarization maintain, single channel, multichannels, and integrated tap versions.
  • High Speed Variable Optical Attenuators (VOAs) - NanoSpeed™

    High Speed Variable Optical Attenuators (VOAs) - NanoSpeed™ (11)

    (nonmechnical, viberation insensitive, ultra fast, broad operating wavelength, low loss)
    The NanoSpeed™ High Speed Variable Optic Attenuator family features ultra-fast sub-millisecond response, non-mechanical high reliability, and a wide operating temperature range from -50°C to +90°C. These VOAs are designed to meet the most mission-critical high speed optical switching applications. The patent pending NanoSpeed™ VOA is non-mechanical, controlled by an electrical filed inside an inorganic optical crystal to facilitate fast light intensity control. With a compensation technique, the out-put light intensity is highly stable against environmental variations. Having an integrated electronic driver, the switch is conveniently controllable by a low voltage with speed up to 150KHz. The high speed VOA can also be operated at a fixed 5MHz with full attenuation. With partial attenuation, the high speed VOA can be modulated up to 500KHz. An evaluation/development kit including a driving circuit is available for these products.
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  • NanoSpeed™ Variable Splitters

    NanoSpeed™ Variable Splitters (3)

    (electro-optic, ultra fast, broad operating wavelength, low loss, variable split ratio)
    The NS 1x2 Variable Fiber Optic Splitter splits an incoming optical signal among two output optical fibers with an electrically variable power ratio with a broad operation wavelength. This is achieved using a patent pending non-mechanical configuration. When the electrical control signal is removed, the splitter latches to a pre-determined ratio with a standard version of 100:0. The device is bidirectional, transmitting light in both direction simultaneously. The all-solid-state crystal design eliminates the need for mechanical movement and organic materials. The NS Fiber Optic Splitter is designed to meet the most demanding switching requirements of ultra-high reliability, fast response time, and continuous operation.
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  • Manual Variable Optical Attenuator

    Manual Variable Optical Attenuator (1)

  • Fixed Attenuator

    Fixed Attenuator (1)

    Agiltron' Single Mode Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators allow one to attenuate an optical signal easily by plugging an PC/APC-terminated fiber directly into the back end of the attenuator connector. The input of the attenuator has a 2.2 mm wide key female connector, making it compatible with both narrow key and wide key male connectors. The output of the attenuator has a 2.0 mm narrow key male connector (either FC, SC, or APC). These single mode attenuators are made with polarization-insensitive doped fiber to achieve the specified attenuation over the operating wavelength range (1240 - 1620 nm).
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