Variable Fiber Optical Splitter/Coupler

(1x2, 2x2, SM, PM)
  • High Speed
  • High Reliability
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Compact

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The Variable Fiber Optical Splitter/Coupler splits an incoming optical signal among the two output optical fibers (1×2) with a continuously variable ratio controlled by an input voltage signal from 0 to 5V, either DC or AC. Two inputs/outputs (Full 2×2) configuration is also available. The device does not create extra loss during the transition and is bidirectional. When the electrical control signal is removed, or at 0 V, the splitter returns to the original ratio of 100:0. The all-solid-state crystal design meets the most demanding requirements of ultra-high reliability, fast response time, and continuous operation over 25 years. The Variable Fiber Optic Splitter has passed Telcordia and space reliability qualification tests.
The unit is mounted on a driving board with a control signal input SMA connector and a wall plug-in power supply. Several frequency versions of drivers are available. As an Electro-optical crystal-based device, the variable splitter output has a certain degree of variation due to environmental changes. A driver with output power stabilization via feedback control is available as a Precision Variable Fiber Optical Splitter.


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