Complex Switch Driver for Optical Switches/Combinations (not including NS type)

Control Up to 20 switches of CL, LB, MEMS, Fiber-Fiber types, USB, RS232, GUI, Ethernet
  • USB & TTL Interface
  • Real time high speed
  • Flexible ports configuration
  • User-friendly software
  • High reliability


Click 'Spec Sheet' for available configurations/part#


The SW-DR-2 evaluation kit is comprised of a driver board, a switching mounting board, software, a power supply, and a computer interface cable. It is designed to drive and control Photonwares CrystaLatch™ (CL), LightBend™ (LB), Fiber-Fiber™ , and MEMS optical switches up to 15 switching points. The switch driving board integrates both standard USB and TTL interfaces, allowing the user to easily create flexible and customized control logic configurations. It features real-time control and supports all port configurations of Photonwares CL and LB series switches. A user-friendly GUI Windows™ program is included for switching testing.  A RS232 interface also includes that require jumping.  We also provide Labview control software.

The standard driver controls one individual switch. Drivers that control multiple switches also are available, please contact sales.


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Parameters Min Typical Max Unit Notes
Independent Control Channels 1 8
Switching Voltage 4.5 5.0 5.5* V Vsw≅5-0.35 x IswIsw: Switching current in A
Sustainable Switching Current 1.2 A Total switching current, continuous
Output Pulse Width 100 30000 us Driving pulse duration, software adjustable
Power Supply Voltage 4.75 5.0 5.25 V
Power Supply Current (No Switching) 50 mA Hot pluggable. <1.5A inrush current
USB Direct connect to PC
TTL Interface Compatible with standard TTL logic level
Electrical Connector Type Male AMP 103309-2 or equivalent
Board Dimension (L) 100mm x (W) 60mm x (H) 15mm


  * Over this value will damage the device