Optical Switches

Perfected over 20 years, we offer the largest selections of optic switches covering most application scenarios with industrial-leading performance and cost. Driving control boards with many types of interfaces are available.

Fiber Optical Switch Selection Guide
Matrix NxM (N,M up to 300, SM, MM, PM) MEMS Fiber-Fiber™
Broad-Wavelength (300 to 2400 nm) Fiber-Fiber™    
Fast Switch (5 µs latching, 1310, 1550, 1659 nm)
CrystaLatch™ NanoSpeed™  
Ultra-Fast (10ns, 550 to 2500nm, 50dB on/off)
Space Qualified
CrystaLatch™ NanoSpeed™ Fiber-Fiber™
Large On/Off Ratio >70dB Fiber-Fiber™ MEMS  
Smallest Format (1×2, 2×2) MEMS  
High Optical Power (up to 50W) LightBend™ NanoSpeed™ CrystaLatch™
Ultra-Low Loss (< 0.2 dB, 300 to 2500nm)
Large Core Fiber (up to 1mm Φ)
Short Wavelengths (0.3 to 700nm, ms, and ns) Fiber-Fiber™ NanoSpeed™  
Vibration Insensitive NanoSpeed™ CrystaLatch™ Fiber-Fiber™
MEMS Technology
Fiber-Fiber™ MEMS  
Magneto-Optic Technology
Electro-Optic Technology