Precision Variable Fiber Optical Splitter

  • No Moving Parts
  • High Reliability
  • High Speed
  • Precision

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The Precision Variable Fiber Optical Splitter maintains a constant splitting ratio between the two output fiber ports, regardless of fluctuations of input power and environment conditions. The splitting ratio can be varied with a control voltage of 0-5V at a fast speed, in which 0V is 100% passing through one port and 5V is 100% passing through another port, respectively. This is achieved by integrating two tap detectors at the two fiber outputs of a 1×2 NanoSpeedTM switch and locking to the ratio using a feedback closed-loop circuit. The splitting is proportional to the 0-5V control signal. The non-mechanical device has passed the most stringent mil-spec and space flight qualifications and is designed for over 20 years of continuous operation. The module comes with a wall-plug 12V power supply.


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