Multicast Optical Switch

(2x16, 4x16, 8x16, 16x16)
  • Low Latency
  • High Reliability
  • Compact
  • Tap Monitoring



Photonwares Multicast Switches (MCS) are wavelength insensitive and transmission speed independent optical switches which can connect any number of optical inputs to any outputs in a fully non-blocking and conflict free configuration flexibility way. This functionality is built using an array of N PLC power splitters interconnected to an array of M high reliability MEMS optical switches to form an NxM multicast switch. M is typically 16.  The output power can be boosted by integration with optical amplifiers  or VOAs along with tap monitors.  It is available in compact module and net-ready rackmount with various control interface options.


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 All Optical Router 2x16     Min Typical    Max Unit
Operating Wavelength   1310/1550 ± 50 nm
Insertion Loss [1],                15.5 dB
amplify     6
Latency [2],        1.5     ns
amplify      1.8    
Return Loss             45   dB
Cross Talk                     55   dB
PDL     0.05 dB
Switching Time         10   ms
Switch Durability            1011 Cycle
Attenuation Range 35     dB
Optical Power     500 mW
Operating Temperature 0        70 oC
Storage Temperature -40        85 oC
Working Power DC: 12~48V; AC: 100~240V (50/60 Hz)
Fiber Type SMF-28 or equivalent
         [1]. Excluding connectors.         [2]. Fiber length delay out from the front panel