Fiber In and Free-Space Out Fiber Optical Switch – NanoSpeed™

  • Solid-State
  • High Speed
  • High Reliability
  • Low Loss
  • Compact

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The NanoSpeed™ Fiber In and Free-Space Out switches are fast laser beam shutter devices featuring very low loss, fast response, and high optical power handling. The design uniquely provides a way to modulate/switch the laser beam from a large core fiber. This is achieved using patented non-mechanical configurations with solid-state all-crystal designs, eliminating the need for mechanical movement and organic materials. The NS fiber-optic switch is designed to meet the most demanding switching requirements of ultra-high reliability, fast response time, and continuous switching operation. The switch is bidirectional. The free space output has a collimating lens, which can be customer-designed. The switch is intrinsically bidirectional and selectable for polarization-independent or polarization-maintain by the fiber type.
The NS Series switch is controlled by 5V TTL signals with a specially designed electronic driver having performance optimized for various repetition rates.
The rise/fall time is intrinsically related to the crystal properties, and the repetition rate is associated with the driver. There are poor frequency response sections due to the device resonances. The NS devices are shipped mounted on a tuned driver.
The NS series switches respond to a control signal with any arbitrary timing with frequencies from DC up to MHz. The switch is usually mounted on a tuned driver before shipping. The electrical power consumption is related to the repetition rate at which the switch is operated.
The dual-stage configuration increases the extinction ratio or cross-talk value.


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