1×1 High Speed High Extinction Fiber Optical Switch – NanoSpeed™

30dB Extinction, 60ns rise/fall, 500KHz, 1dB loss, bidirectional, 850nm to 1620nm, -20 to 80 °C
  • Solid-State
  • High speed
  • Ultra-high reliability
  • Low insertion loss
  • Compact


The NanoSpeedTM F series fiber optic on-off switches are fast shutter device uniquely featuring very low optical loss, fast response, and high optical power handling. The high extinction of 50dB is achieved using a patent pending feedback electro-optical bias control technology, that maintains the optimum performance against drift and environment variations. The NS fiber-optic switch is designed to meet the most demanding switching requirements of ultra-high reliability for undersea, space, continuous switching operation, and longevity over 25 years. The switch is bidirectional. It is well suited to replace acoustic modulator with advantages of low loss, low power consumption, and low cost.

The NS Series switch is controlled by 5V TTL signals with a specially designed electronic driver having performance optimized for various repetition rate.  A wall pluggable DC power supply is accompanied with each devices.


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NanoSpeed Series Bias Control Switch Min Typical Max Unit
Central wavelength [1] 780   1650 nm
Insertion Loss [2]  1260~1650nm   0.6 1.0 dB
960~1100nm   0.8 1.3
Durability 1014     cycles
On-Off Ratio [3] 30 30 35 dB
PDL (SMF Switch only)   0.15 0.3 dB
PMD (SMF Switch only)   0.1 0.3 ps
ER (PMF Switch only)       18  25   dB
IL Temperature Dependency   0.25 0.5 dB
Return Loss 45 50 60 dB
Response Time (Rise, Fall)   50 80 ns
Fiber Type SMF-28, Panda PM, or equivalent
Driver Repeat Rate 60kHz driver DC 60   kHz
300kHz driver DC 300  
Optic power

Handling [4]

Normal power   300   mW
High power     5 W
Operating Temperature -5   70 oC
Storage Temperature -40   85 oC

[1] Operation bandwidth is +/- 25nm approximately at 1550nm.

[2] Measured without connectors. For other wavelength, please contact us.

[3] Measured at 100kHz, which may be degraded at higher repeat rate.

[4] Defined at 1310nm/1550nm. For the shorter wavelength, the handling power may be reduced, please contact us for more information.