How To Select Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) Type?

We uniquely produce MEMS VOA and Fiber-Fiber VOAs that can reach 80dB light blocking level for applications requiring large attenuations.

If your operation requires VOA with optical loss as small as possible, our Fiber-Fiber VOA is nearly lossless. 0.005 dB insertion loss version is available for purchase.

We lead the market in high-speed VOAs. Compact integrated modules that take out optical power spikes or regulate the optical power are available.

For high optical power applications, we uniquely produce High Power VOA up to 20 W.

For high optical power applications, we uniquely produce High Power VOA up to 20 W.

We produce the smallest VOA on the market, with a diameter of only 3.2 mm. This family of MEMS VOAs can also operate under a shock/vibration environment.

We produce VOA arrays up to 24 channels.

Perfected over 20 years, we offer the lowest loss, the highest attenuation, the fastest, the smallest, and the most reliable fiber attenuators in the industry. Our thermal actuation MEMS VOAs have the smallest size, the highest attenuation level, and ultra-high reliability. Our Fiber-Fiber™ MEMS series VOAs offer unique performances of near-lossless, ultra-broadband, and all-type fiber compatibility. Our high-precision VOAs have a built-in position sensor achieving high stability/repeatability as well as linearity. For high-speed operation, our solid-state NanoSpeed™ VOAs set an industry-standard in low loss and fast rise/fall, as well as high power handling. The table below guides fiber VOA selection according to your key requirement. All VOAs can be delivered in a turn-key net-ready box. Moreover, we provide custom solutions with in-house micro-assembly and MEMS wafer fabrication.

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