UltraL™ Fiber Connectors/Cables

  • Ultra Low Loss
  • High Reliability
  • High Repeatability


The UltraL™  Ultra-low-loss fiber optical connectors/patch cables enable customers to design new quantum systems or lowest loss network with higher bandwidth and longer spans. The low loss is achieved by a patent pending active alignment technology that ensures each connector having below 0.1dB loss, while an ordinary connectors often has loss about 0.30dB.   The connector formats are compatible with standard connectors and can be repolished to remove scratches.  The ultra low loss performance requires mating between  UltraL™  connectors.  FC/PC and FC/APC are standard connector types, while other connector types can be specially made.  The UltraL™ can be cost effectively produced in volume.


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UltraL Connector Min Typical Max  Unit
 Operation Wavelength 850 2000          nm
 Insertion Loss 0.05 0.1 0.15  dB
 Durability 500 mattings
Operating Temperature -40 75 oC
Storage Temperature -45 85 oC