Tunable Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Module

  • High Accuracy
  • Large Range
  • Low Cost
  • Ease in Use
  • Net Ready



This TDCM series of the module is designed to compensate chromatic dispersion for DWDM network systems by directly insert into the transmission and receiving fiber lines.  It feature a good linearity.  It is based on changing the etalon cavity spacing to effectively compensate for the dispersion problem of the signals in the DWDM optical communication system after long-distance transmission of the optical fiber.  Especially for non-coherent system of single wave 25~ 40G, the method of adopting DCF and TDCM can solve the dispersion residual problem and ensure the performance of the system. TDCM can be used as an urgent adjustment role in 10G DWDM point to point applications when transmission distance is in 160km, total loss is less than 40dB and system capacity is 80G.


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Parameters Min     Typical           Max Unit
Wavelength Range 1528,          1568 nm
Channel Spacing          100 GHz
Dispersion Slope Matching G652 and G655
Compensation Length 0-60 0-80 0-100 Km
Dispersion Tuning Range +-400             +-100 +-1400 ps/nm
Dispersion Setting Resolution 10 ps/nm
Tuning Stability +-5 ps/nm
Tuning Time 25 second
Insertion Loss 6 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss 0.2 dB
Polarization Dispersion 1 ps
Interface Service rack pluggable
Power Consumption 8      W
Operating Temperature -10 50 oC
Storage Temperature -45 85 oC
Humidity 5-95 (no condensation) %