RF/Microwave Variable Delay

  • High Resolution
  • High Speed
  • Large Time Delay Range
  • High Reliability
  • Low Insertion Loss



The programable RPTD module is a turn-key solution delivering unmatched performance in delay range, resolution, and reconfiguration speed. It converts an incoming RF signal into an optical signal and transmits through N fiber segments selectively, and re-coverts back into an output RF signal with variable time delay. Using optical switches, the time delay is variable and programmable with high resolution of 2 N delay selections. The RPTD system allows for a long delay up to ms in a compact package with the superior temperature stability of fiber. Delay length and link performance requirements can be tailored over a range of performance levels to meet specific requirements. Photonwares offers several choices of non-mechanical switching; ultra-fast nano-second switching; and low loss MEMS switching. Integrated optical amplification compensates optical losses with delay-matching performance. The RPTD has a wide frequency range from 0.05GHz to 40GHz. The programmable delay module interfaces with a computer with user-friendly GUI through RS232, RS485, USB, GPIB, or Ethernet RJ45.

The RPTD platform includes a wide range fiber-optic transport solutions for satellite and microwave communications applications including, 5G networks, Radio Range Emulation, transparent inter- and intra-facility links, video transport, antenna remoting, Radar simulations, altimeter calibration, phased array antennas, Multi-path Fading, signal processing, electronic warfare systems and other high-dynamic-range applications.


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RF-Photonic Time Delay Min Typical Max Unit
RF frequency range 0.1 20 GHz
RF Insertion Loss [1] 0 dB
Delay bit resolution 20 Bit
Delay increment [2] 1 ns
Delay accuracy [3] 1 10 ns
System intrinsic delay [4] 100 ns
Switching Time [5] 50 us
Delay Time Range [2] Customized
RF response flatness +/- 0.5 within 1GHz dB
Noise Figure [6] 40 dB
SFDR 90 dB/Hz2/3
Operating Temperature 0 50 oC
Storage Temperature -40 85 oC
Power supply 120~240 AVC
Package Dimension [7] 19” mount rack

[1]: It is defined for 10GHz and 12-bit system.

[2]: It can be customized up to ms.

[3]: Accuracy from 0.1ns to 10ns depending on the full delay range.

[4]: Depending on the bit number N, such as 100ns for 19-bit, 80ns for 17-bit, 70ns for 16-bit.

[5]: Defined for CL type switch.  200ns or 10ms for NS or MEMS type switch

[6]: It highly depends on RF specs, please contact us for technical detal.

[7]: The height of 19” mount rack will be determined per the total delay range.