Raman Library > 3000

  • High sample purity
  • Spectral range: 3000 cm-1to 200 cm-1
  • Databases spectral resolution (FWHM): 9 cm-1
  • Excitation laser wavelength: 785 nm
  • Chemical name and CAS number are supplied with most spectra
  • Download the Chemical List
  • $1650

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Photonwares has created a set of high quality spectral data Collection of 3519 searchable Raman spectra from well characterized common industrial chemicals. We have 2 different resolution configured for the PeakSeeker™ and Pro-level spectrometer systems. Our collected data provides a standard for the general purpose of the identification of chemicals both on research and industrial requirement. Users of Raman instruments can compare their Raman patterns to those from our collected samples with confidence.


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