NIR Free Space Isolators (1110-2100nm)

5MHz, 2MHz, 0.3MHz, 800nm to 2200nm, <1dB optical loss, turn-key module
  • 1150-2050nm
  • Fixed or Tunable Wavelength
  • Low Loss
  • High Reliability
  • KW Optical Power Handling
  • Polarization Dependent Input

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We produce a variety of free-space optical isolators designed for use in the near-infrared spectral range (1110 – 2100 nm), uniquely offering kW high power level operation. These isolators block back reflections, eliminating laser instabilities and preventing damage. We offer two types of isolators. The first type, Fixed Wavelength Isolators, for which peak isolation and peak transmission occur at a pre-defined center wavelength. The typical wavelength dependence is shown in the following graph. The fixed wavelength isolator also has a dual-stage configuration that boosts the isolation to 60 dB. The second type, Adjustable Wavelength Isolators, offers the user the ability to change the center wavelength within a 60 – 90 nm range by adjusting the input and output polarizers. If one cannot find the configuration online, we offer build-to-order options. Agiltron has a volume isolator production operation for making custom-specific products with specially-designed quality control tools.


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