MEMS Design/Fabrication Service

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Cost and Fast Delivery Advantage

Agiltron has been producing MEMS devices for over 17 years. With our in-house 6” wafer fab, Agiltron provides a better cost and faster delivery advantages than other MEMS foundries. We will take on your MEMS project and bring it to production, whether it is a mature product or a concept. We have proven experience commercializing MEMS devices, uniquely providing full service from design, prototyping, production, packaging, testing, assembly, and reliability qualification.

MEMS Device Expertise

Our core competencies are in large motion thermal actuation (>200 μm movement) MEMS, wafer to wafer bonding including silicon to glass, silicon to silicon, device to holder, optical MEMS, wafer-level MEMS chip motion testing, and fiber attachments.


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