Lithium Niobate Modulator

  • High Speed
  • Low Driving Voltage



This series of Lithium Niobate fiberoptic Modulators is designed for laboratory test use. Its low operating voltage makes it convenient to use a function generator as the driver.  It has a bias control section that integrates with a tap monitor for stable operation.   The modulator is mounted on a PCB in which the bias can be applied through a SMA  connector.  Automatic bias control option is also available that maintain the Vp via a slow speed feedback circuitry.



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NS 5MHz Modulator/VOA Min Typical Max Unit
Wavelength 760 1800 nm
Insertion Loss *  1260~1800nm 0.6 1.0 dB
 960~1260nm 0.8 1.3 dB
 760~960nm 1.0 1.5 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss 0.1 0.3 dB
Return Loss 45 50 dB
Attenuation Range 20 28 36 dB
Response Time (Rise, Fall) 300 ns
Modulation Rate** (up to 90% depth) 5 MHz
Resolution Continuous dB
Operating Optical Power 500 mW
Operating Temperature                -5  ~  70 oC
Storage Temperature              -40  ~  85 oC
Package Dimension                    50X25X10 mm

*. Excluding connectors.

**. For narrow Frequency Range