High Voltage Electro-Optical Modulator Driver

  • High Performance
  • Compact Package
  • Easy integration
  • Customize Available
  • Low cost


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This series of High Voltage Amplifier is designed to directly drive Electro-Optic Modulators, featuring: a large, ±300 V output, a continuous current output of 100 mA, a wide DC-1MHz bandwidth, and low noise. An adjustable bias allows for an up to 50V DC offset control. The input amplifier includes a summing junction which allows an adjustable DC bias to be added to the input modulation. This composite signal is then boosted by an output amplifier. For added safety, a front panel HV Enable button must be pressed to connect the HV output to the output BNC. The output is automatically disabled each time the HVAP300 is powered on. The DC Bias control consists of a rotary encoder which allows precise control and repeatability. The bias adjustment is typically used to shift the DC level of the output as needed by the application. A voltage monitor output is provided to allow real-time monitoring of the high voltage output. The monitor has a scaling of 30:1 so that an output of 300 V results in a 30 V monitor voltage.


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