High Power Fiber Optic Connector

Single Mode, 5W - 10W
  • High Power Handling
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Stability & Reliability
  • Low Cost




The High Power Fiber Optic Connector (HPFC) is based on Photonwares proven fiber beam expanded technology and compact packaging structure. It features intrinsic high power handling capacity, low insertion loss, is maintenance free, and is compatible with all existing connectors. The device is ideal for high power optical transmission system and medical and biotech high power delivery applications.


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HPFC Series Typical Maximum Unit
Operation Wavelength 400 ~2000 nm
Insertion Loss*     < 0.35 dB
  Polarization Dependent Loss < 0.02 < 0.15 dB
Temperature Sensitivity < 0.002 <0.004 dB/ oC
Return Loss > 40 dB
Optical Power Handling 1~5 W**
Beam diameter 10~60 µm
Storage Temperature -40~85 oC
 Connector styles  SC, ST, FC, PC, APC, LC

* Insertion loss depends on fiber and MFD.

**Continuous operation, for pulse operation please call.