Core Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer

(auto arc adjustment, lightweight, all directional core alignment)
  • High Quality Cleaver Made in the USA
  • Low Cost
  • Low Loss
  • Fast
  • Lightweight




The Photonwares TUNE 500 Splicer provides high performance fiber fusion splicing at an unmated low cost.   It incorporates advanced features of 6-motor all directional core alignment that enables a single clamp holder for fibers of different diameters, automatic in-process arc current adjustment to ensure low loss and high-fiber -pull-strength, and the use of  a long-lasting fiber cleaving blade.  The machine is also lightweight with a high power rechargeable battery for portability.


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TUNE 500 Min Typical Max Unit
Fiber Type                          multimode  and single mode
Insertion Loss 0.01 0.05 0.1 dB
Fiber Glass Diameter 80 150 mm
Fiber Buffer Diameter (with coating) 100 400 mm
Stripped Coating Length 7 9 10 mm
Splicing Strength 2 N
Electrode Life 5000 discharge
Cleaver Blade Life 30,0003 cleavering
Remote Operation Battery 5200mAHincluded
Real Time Arc Calibration included
Protection Shrink Oven built-in
Monitor TFT Color 4.3 inch
Image Magnification 320X
Operating Humidity (non-condensing) 85 %
Operating Temperature -20 45 0C
Storage Temperature -40 80 0C



  1. Active alignment, Sensitive to fiber bending
  2. Rotate 16 positions for every 1000 fiber cleaving