Handheld Raman Spectrometer

  • Easy and Fast Substance Identification
  • Many substances emit a characteristic light when illuminated with a laser, the Raman  scatter effect, that uniquely identifies molecular structure.
  • With a touch of a button, the PinPointer collects and analyzes this scattered light from a chemical under test. The included ID-find software can search thousands of stored reference spectra to identify unknown substances.  Within seconds, the detected chemical is identified and  its name and properties displayed.
  • Affordable, Compact, High Performance
  • The PinPointer provides the same performance as other handheld Raman spectrometers proposed for homeland security or on-site chemical identification but costs much less.
  • Wide Chemical Coverage
  • The included ID-find software will search a database of more than 10,000 chemicals  to find a match within a few seconds after data acquisition .
  • Specialized chemical databases are sold separately. Users can also create their own custom spectral libraries.
  • Substance ID of Packaged Materials
  • Solid, powder or liquid samples can be analyzed while still contained in plastic bags or glass or plastic bottles or vials.

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The PinPointer packs a full-featured Raman spectroscopy system in a remarkably affordable true handheld format. The lightweight unit is controlled by a pocket-size Windows® computer and features easy-to-use ID-find™ software that provides one-touch identification of unknown substances by immediate comparison of a measured spectrum to the on-board Raman spectral library.


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