Free Space Variable Optical Delay Lines

Femtosecond Resolution, up to 4000ps delay, USB/RS232 GUI
  • Low Cost
  • fs Resolution
  • Fast
  • 4000ps Delay
  • High Reliability
  • Dust Cover
  • Easy to Use
  • Integrated with USB/GUI Controller

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The Motor Driven Free Space Variable Optical Time Delay is an all-in-one module integrated with high precision optical position feed-back controller with USB/RS232 computer interface and user friendly GUI.  It features micron-level high resolution, unmatched low cost, fully covered dust-free moving track, compatible with various mirrors, all degree light path adjustments, and ease in use.  In operation, connecting the wall-pluggable power supply (included) and a computer via a USB cable (included) or a RS232 cable to the unit, the graphic control software (downloadable) will perform step scan in both forward and reverse direction.

The module come with a standard one year manufacture warranty.


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