850nm Multimode Fiber Receiver

  • Compact
  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability
  • High Coupling
  • Efficiency



Agiltron optical receiver is based on a breakthrough fabrication platform technology featuring industrial leading attributes in low cost, high coupling efficiency, and stability.  Our bonding material not only meets NASA’s low outgas requirement, but is also capable of withstanding high temperatures (85°C). The package meet Telecordia 1221 reliability standard.

A fiber optic receiver is a device used to receive optical signals in a optical network. Optical receiver facilitates data transmissions between electronic devices (e.g., computer, input/output system, peripheral device, or switch) and optical data links in fiber optic systems. The fiber optic receiver is packaged in a stainless steel housing with ST style connector.


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Receiver (Rx) – 850nm

Specifications:  Vcc=5V, 100µm fiber, f=2.5 MHz, duty cycle=50%, 5 second warm-up time
Parameter Test condition Min. Typ. Max. Units
Min. Input Sensitivity 1.0 µW
High level logic output voltage Pin < 0.1µW,    IO < 0.8 mA 2.4 3.3 V
Low level logic output voltage Pin > 1µW,       IO < 0.8 mA 0.4 V
Rise time (0.4V to 2.4V) Pin=1µW 12 ns
Fall time (2.4V to 0.4V) Pin=1µW 5 ns
Pulse width distortion Pin=1µW 10 %
Pin=100µW 25 %
Supply current Pin < 0.1µW, Vcc=5V 40 mA
Optical input power 1 100 µW
Operating temperature 0 to +85 °C