Fiber Optic Transceiver

(200m, >1MBD, 630nm, 50 micron core fiber)
  • High Stability
  • Low Cost
  • Ease to Use



This series of Fiber Optic Link Transceivers is for short distance communication.  Our laser feature precision feedback power control to provide high stability against environmental variations and the photodetector has build-in TIA to reduce signal noise.  Many wavelengths are available for your application. Analog transmission option is also available.


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Optic Transceiver       Min          Typical   Max Unit
Center Wavelength        630 850,1310,1550,        1600 nm
Rise/Fall Time 10 40 80 ns
Output Optical Power 1 2 10 mW
Polarization Dependence 0.1 dB
Output Power Stability 0.1 0.2 0.3 dB
Transmission Data Rate 1 5 20 MBD
Input Voltage (DC) 4.8 5 7 V
Input Current 80 1000 mA
Transmission Trigger Voltage >1.5V at 60mA
Power Consumption 5      W
Reverse Input Breakdown Voltage 7 V
Operating Temperature -5 70 oC
Storage Temperature -45 85 oC