Fiber End Fused Lens

  • Low Loss
  • High Optical Efficiency
  • Low Internal Reflection
  • Low Distortion
  • Low Cost
  • Patented Technology



We produce fiber end fused lens.  This technology provides ultra-mini fiber collimators for various special applications.  In addition to collimating beam, fiber end fused lens reduces the power density at the interface between fiber and air offering much higher transmitted power from fiber cores in a miniature format. Based on a proprietary beam shaping technology, a high quality end cap is uniquely formed directly at the fiber tip with little loss.

We use both fusion splicing and thermal expansion to produce end cap optimized for various applications.  Polarization maintain fiber end lens is our specialty.


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Insertion Loss1 < 0.2 dB
Operation Wavelength 600 nm ~ 1800 nm
Internal Back Reflection ≤ -70dB
End Surface Back Reflection -20 ~ -70 dB
Outer Diameter (OD) 1.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.25 mm, and 0.125 mm
Beam Size (at waist) 10 μm ~ 100 μm
Working Distance (WD) 0 ~ 6 mm
  1. Excluding connectors.