Fiber Coupled Broadband Light Source (C+L) Single-Mode

  • High Reliability
  • High Stability
  • Cost Effective



Photonwares produces the high performance Fiber Coupled Single Mode Broadband light source, featuring easy to use, excellent output power stability over a wide temperature range, flat output spectrum, high efficiency, and high reliability. It provides up to 200 mW output power.  The front LCD displays the driving current, which is proportional to the output power.  The unit is made based on fiber ASE technology.

This light source is covered by a 2-year warranty.  Photonwares also provide customers design.  The laser source can also be sold as an OEM module with out the power supply.


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Model Number SSFL-785
Wavelength (nm) 785
Laser Power (mW) 5 to 300
Line Width (nm) 0.1
Power Consumption (W) 3
Fiber Type 105um Core, NA 0.22
Operating Temperature  (ºC) 10 to 35