850nm VCSEL Optic Transmitter

Multimode fiber coupling
  • High Stability
  • Low Cost
  • 100MHz



The VEST family fiber optic transmitters are high performance devices packaged for data communication links. This transmitter uses an 850nm GaAlAs vertical cavity emitting diode (VCSEL) and is specifically designed to efficiently launch optical power into fibers ranging in size from 50/125µm up to 200/300µm diameter fiber for up to 100MHz data transmission speed. The symmetric and circular VCSEL emission profile makes it well suited for multimode fiber  transmission with improved mode stability than using edge emitting lasers and higher power and faster speed than using LED. This product combines desirable features of high optical power, high speed, and high coupling efficiency, making it an ideal transmitter for integration into all types of data communications equipment.

The mechanical package is intended for PC Board or panel mounting. Custom fiber interface and mounting formats are available.


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