PureBeam™ Laser

Single Mode, Perfect Circular Beam, Low Divergence, Excellent Power Stability 0.08%
  • Ultra-Stable Laser Power <0.08%
  • Pure Single Mode
  • Low Noise
  • Adjustable Focus
  • 350nm to 1670nm
  • USB Computer Interface
  • High Signal-to-Noise
  • Power up to 20mW
  • Pointing Stability < 10 mrad/ºC
  • Analog or Digital Modulation
  • Compact Head
  • RS232 or USB Computer Interface



The PureBeam™ laser provides the highest-performing elliptical laser beam available for measurement, profiling and life science applications. It uses single-mode fiber to filter out multimode for a perfect circular beam profile with low divergence.  It comes with an advanced drive electronics to provide exceptional output power stability and low signal-to-noise. With RS-232/USB control option, the laser power is adjustable as well as onboard diagnostics for operating hours, diode current, output power, temperature, and more.  It has a manual focus adjustment allowing the user to optimize the focus location for the best measurement resolution.   The compact laser head is connected to the driving electronics with a fiber cable.


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Spatial Mode  TEM00
Beam Quality  <1.4M2
Pointing Stability                     <10 mrad/oC
Beam Angle (borsight)  <3 mrad
RMA Noise(20Hz – 20MHz)  <2%
Peak-Peak Noise(20Hz-20MHz)  <1%
Warm-Up Time  <1 minutes
Operating Temperature  -10 to + 65°C Case
Storage Temperature  -40 to +85°C