RF Over Fiber Link

  • 0.045 ~ 2.6GHz
  • SM28 Fiber
  • Low Loss
  • Low Cost
  • Stable

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This series of RF Over Fiber Link transmits both analog and digital RF signals with a wide bandwidth up to 2.6GHz over an optical fiber link with a distance up 20 Km. It converts an input electrical RF signal into an optical signal via a high linearity DFB laser (transmitter) and re-converts the optical signal back into the RF signal at the other end of the fiber link via a high linearity photodiode and low noise amplifier (receiver). The transmitter and receiver pair forms a transceiver that provides transparent data transmission channel. They are available in 1310nm, 1490nm, and 1550nm wavelengths, providing a versatile wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) capability. For example,  bidirectional RF communication can be established with a single fiber link using two different wavelength transceivers and matching WDM cable adaptors.   Another example is that three communication channels can be transmitted through a single fiber link by combining three transceivers of different wavelengths with our WDM cable adaptors. The module is packaged in a ruggedized aluminum case.


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