Aerospace Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicer

The Photonwares’ PermLockTM Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicer is the latest technology to connect two fibers easily and reliably without the use of fusion splicing. Designed and qualified for aerospace applications, it offers a hazard-free environment, absence of spark, high voltage, and heat. Moreover, the glass sealed splice offers low optical loss, wide-temperature operation, 25-year service life, and low cost of ownership. The patented design enables fiber self-alignment with high repeatability. A “light-bridging” material fills the fiber gap for stable, ultra-low loss splice. Photonwares supplies a hand-held and battery-powered curing kit for quick and easy cleave and splicing, even with polyimide coating fiber. PermLockTM Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicer has passed the most stringent aerospace qualification and is in use by several aviation customers. The splice has various ferrule and outer-jacket options for all fiber types. This product is well suited for applications in aerospace, shipboard/submarine, mining, and communication networks, as well as field optical fiber repair and fiber-to-home installation.