High Power TGG Based 850/980/1060 Optical Circulator


The OC Series High Power TGG Based 850/980/1060nm Optical Circulator is non-reciprocal device designed for high power applications, it redirect light at 850/980/1060 nm from port-to-port in only one direction while minimizing back reflection and back scattering in the reverse directions for any state of polarization. With Agiltron’s proprietary in-fiber beam expansion technology that scale down the power density, the OC Series High Power Circulator can intrinsic handle optical power beyond 20W, all devices are tested under high power before shipping. With Agiltron’s patent pending magnetic-optics technology and proven advanced micro optics design, the circulator features low insertion loss, high isolation, compact structure, high power handling, and high stability. The excellent characteristics of this product make it an ideal choice for application in fiber amplifier systems, pump laser diodes, and optical fiber sensors. Agiltron also provides customized design to meet special applications.