Compatible MEMS Reflective Fiber Optical Variable Attenuator

(pin to pin compatible with Dicon and other companies)
  • High Reliability
  • Direct DC drive
  • Ultra Small
  • ESD Insensitive

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The Compatible MEMS Series Fiber Optical Variable Attenuator is constructed using our standard VOA core having a circular end shape and pins that are compatible with VOAs made by other manufactures for ease replacement. It uses a patented high reliability thermal activated micro-mirror, moving-in and -out optical paths, uniquely featuring large extinction ratio, high stability over wide temperature range, and exceptionally long life cycle. Unlike electrostatic MEMSs, the thermal MEMS has no drift issues and is insensitive to moisture, vacuum environment, and ESD, providing a high reliability platform for over 25 years continuous operation. The MEMS Straight Series VOAs are configured in single and dual channels (activated at the same time). The VOAs are bidirectional and are Telcordia standards GR1221 qualified.
Photonwares provides customized design and modular assemblies to meet control and integration applications.


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 MEMS Straight Series VOA        Min Typical Max Unit
Operation Wavelength Single Mode                       1260~1610 nm
Multimode          810-890, 1260-1360, 1500-1600
Insertion Loss [1], [2]      0.6 1.0 / 1.2 [3] dB
PDL (Single mode) 0.1 dB
Extinction Ratio              PM fiber           18 dB
Return Loss SM, PM           50 dB
Multimode           35
Attenuation SM, PM           55 dB
Multimode           50 dB
Response Time       5 10 ms
Repetition Rate 20           Hz
Durability            1012 Cycle
Power Consumption (at maximum) 170 mW
Operating Temperature [5]             -5 70 oC
Storage Temperature            -40 85 oC
Optical Power Handling    300 500 mW
Package Dimension                       10L x 6.6W x 4.6H mm
Fiber Type [4] Single Mode                     SMF-28 or equivalent
PM                    Panda 250 PM or equivalent
Multimode       MM 50/125, MM 62.5/125 or equivalent

[1]. Excluding connectors.

[2]. Multimode IL measured @ Light Source CPR < 14dB.

[3]. Dual band.

[4]. Lower temperature version is available, please call us.