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Ultra-Mini Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) – The World’s Smallest

August 3, 2017

Photonwares, a vertically integrated manufacturer of premium fiber optic components, announces the availability of an ultra-mini-series of variable optical attenuators.

This family of variable optical attenuators (VOAs) features an ultra-small package size of 3.5mm in diameter only and 12mm in length. The economic advantage of having the smallest VOA footprint on the market is that these devices require less space on your PC board or inside of your modules. These VOAs are available with extremely small bend radii for use in very tight spaces. They are manufactured in the US with Photonwares’ patented thermally activated micro-mirror technology that uses a unique mechanism that moves linearly in and out of the optical path. This advanced design offers high stability and reliability without the charge-induced drift and moisture sensitivity associated with conventional electrostatic MEMS switches.