Fiber Optical Switches

  • Low Loss,
  • All Wavelengths
  • All Fiber Types
  • Ultra-High-Speed
  • High Optical Power
  • Competitive Price
  • Smallest Size
  • Vibration Insensitive

Photonwares offers the most extensive selection of fiber optical switches on the market. These switches are optimized for various application scenarios using multiple advanced technologies perfected over 20 years, featuring best-in-class attributes with a price-competitive guarantee for volume orders.   We offer the lowest loss, the fastest, the smallest, and the most reliable switches in the industry.  Specifically, we produce low-loss ultra-high-speed switches for sensors and quantum computing;  ultra-low insertion loss fiber to fiber direct coupling broadband switches for testing and spectroscopic applications;  aerospace fully qualified non-mechanical performances;  ultra-low-cost multiport switches for network protections; and unique latching MEMS matrix switches.   The table below guides switches selection according to the applications. All switches can be delivered in PM fiber and high power versions up to 20W with driving electronics and control software as well as in a turn-key net-ready box. Photonwares also provides customized designs with complex integrated functions.

Fiber Optical Switch Selection Guide by Applications
Fiber-Fiber™ MEMSLatch™
Spectroscopy Fiber-Fiber™  
LightBend™ Fiber-Fiber™
Fast Switch, High Reliability CrystaLatch™ NanoSpeed™
Mini Size MEMSLatch™
Matrix NxM MEMSLatch™
Ultra-Fast       <9ns
Ultra-Low Loss       <0.2dB
Ultra-Broad Wavelength      300 ~ 3000nm
Ultra-Low Cost
Fiber-Fiber™ LightBend™
Non-Etalon Effects Fiber-Fiber™ LightBend™